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24th week in review

I forgot it’s not that easy to keep up with some periodic commitment. But given my history with running or any other type of exercises, I should already know what to expect. Nonetheless, with some delay, he it is.

  • If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it A long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists - this video shows how sunscreen works. Worth 3 minutes of your time -
  • How to think clearly - because thinking (clearly) is much more difficult, that one would expect. And I got the feelting that it slowly becomes the lost art.
  • dooit - A todo app for your terminal. One of many, but this one looks really great
  • I love such apps, eg I use lazygit as part of mine daily workflow
  • (d&d) The Night of the Rise is a nice, “different” adventure to plan as a one-shot, when you (or your players) need something different than usual dungeon crawl. I’d love to run more adventures like this one.
  • Hundreds of SpaceX employees signed letter denouncing Elon Musk’s behavior it must be super difficult to work on history-changing product (which SpaceX definitelly is) under leadership of a guy, that can be… difficult to accept. Beside their non-existing work-life balance, I think this will soon lead to sound ground-braking changes that will alter company (and for sure Tesla) for ever.